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Middlesex County Divorce Attorney

Paone Zaleski & Murphy is honored to provide clients from Middlesex County, New Jersey with quality legal representation when they are in the midst of matters related to divorce and family law. Our attorneys have proudly served clients from Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Red Bank, Woodbridge, and throughout the state of New Jersey for over 30 years. If you require effective legal guidance from an experienced legal team, contact a Middlesex County divorce attorney from Paone Zaleski & Murphy today to schedule a consultation.

Divorce Attorney in Middlesex County

Clients in Middlesex County and across New Jersey can rely on the legal services of Paone Zaleski & Murphy when they are faced with matters of divorce and family law. With offices located in Red Bank and Woodbridge, New Jersey, we are ready to help fight for your family and your future. Our attorneys know that divorce and family law matters are often difficult for the entire family. The legal team at Paone Zaleski & Murphy is committed to fighting on your side during this difficult chapter.

Our Legal Services

  • Divorce: Divorce is among the most difficult processes that anyone can go through. Our firm is here to make your divorce go as smoothly as possible.
  • Distribution of Assets: No matter your financial situation, you most likely have various assets that you wish to keep. The Law Offices of Paone, Zaleski & Murphy is here to help protect those assets.
  • Modification and Enforcement: If your former spouse is neglecting your divorce agreement in any way, such as failing to make his or her regular support payments, we are ready to help you in your time of need.
  • Spousal Support: If you require spousal support to stay financially afloat after your divorce, our Middlesex County divorce attorney is ready to fight for the alimony payments you need.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Though a prenuptial agreement isn’t particularly “romantic,” it is functional and can save future spouses greatly in the long run. The Law Offices of Paone, Zaleski & Murphy has drafted countless prenuptial agreements on behalf of future spouses over the years, and we can create one on your behalf as well.
  • Divorce with a Business: Business owners take great pride in what they do, and rightfully so. If you are a business owner who is getting divorced, you need a Middlesex County divorce attorney who understands this and will do everything to shield your business from the pitfalls of divorce.
  • High Net Worth Divorces: High net worth couples work hard for their assets, and unfortunately, those assets are often on the line when they get divorced. The Law Offices of Paone, Zaleski & Murphy is ready to fight for your hard-earned assets, from start to finish.

Our family law services include:

  • Child Support: Child support is often one of the most critical divorce-related issues. We can help you fight for the financial support you and your child require to move on with your lives.
  • Child Visitation: When a parent is denied child custody, he or she often still has a right to be a part of his or her child’s life. Our firm is here to protect that right.
  • Child Custody: The Law Offices of Paone, Zaleski & Murphy understands the importance of the bond between a parent and child, and we will fight to help ensure you can remain a part of your child’s life.
  • Relocation: If you recently were hired at a new place of employment, or you wish to live closer to family, or you have any other reason to relocate with your child, though your former spouse refused to let you do so, we are here to help.
  • Domestic Violence: No one should ever have to worry about a family member or romantic partner hurting them, either physically or mentally. If this has happened to you, call the police and contact The Law Offices of Paone, Zaleski & Murphy today so we can protect you.
  • Modification and Enforcement: Whether you or your child’s schedule has changed, initial divorce and family law agreements often need adjusting in the months or years after a divorce. Our firm can help your family law agreement better reflect that change.

Contact an NJ Divorce Attorney Today

Paone Zaleski & Murphy has over 30 years of experience guiding clients in Middlesex County through the divorce and family law matters they may be facing. If you require the service of an experienced legal team to guide you through a divorce or family law matter, contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy today to schedule a consultation.

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