What Expenses are Covered Under Child Support in New Jersey?

expenses new jersey child support

Quite often, divorces do not only concern the spouses. The divorce can affect the children just as much as – if not more than – the adults. When a divorce involves children, the primary issue to work out is how the spouses will house and support the children. If one parent has primary physical custody of the child after the divorce, most people would expect the other parent to contribute to the child’s well-being in one form or another. Generally, this manifests in the noncustodial parent making ongoing payments for the financial benefit of a child or children. If you would like to know what expenses child support covers in New Jersey, please continue reading, then contact one of our experienced Monmouth County child support attorneys today.

What expenses can you use New Jersey child support for?

Garden State law restricts how a custodial parent may lawfully use child support, limiting it to the provision of the child’s basic necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing. Per New Jersey child support laws, the custodial parent may use payments for the following expenses:

  • Clothing: Includes diapers, winter clothes, school uniforms, shoes and accessories, but excludes special footwear for sports.
  • Transportation: Includes transporting a child to and from school, doctor’s appointments, clubs, activities, et cetera, but excludes expenses associated with a car that the teenage child primarily uses.
  • Entertainment: Includes fees, memberships, admission to sports, sports equipment, recreational events, televisions, mobile devices, sound equipment, toys, playground equipment, video games, photographic equipment, hobbies and lessons or instructions.
  • Extracurricular expenses: Includes the cost of clothing and gear associated with extracurricular activities, so long as the noncustodial parent made a special provision in the child support agreement.
  • Unreimbursed health care expenses: Includes unreimbursed health care expenses of up to $250 per child.

What else might a noncustodial parent have to financially cover or contribute to?

If applicable, the noncustodial parent may also have to pay for:

  • Work-related child care
  • Predictable and recurring unreimbursed health care expenses, if in excess of $250 per year per child
  • Other expenses the court has approved, such as private school tuition or expenses for gifted or special needs children

The amount of child support you must pay depends on many factors, including your income, the other parent’s income, whether you have children from other relationships, whether the child receives Social Security benefits and more.

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