Parents with legal custody can certain rights regarding decisions in their child’s life. Based on the custody arrangement, parents may have different roles in their child’s life. Legal custody gives a parent the ability to make legal decisions for their child about their education, medical decisions, practiced religion and many other areas. Parents can be involved in their child’s life by being able to make these decisions for them. They can develop a good relationship with their child by making good decisions for them that can shape their whole life.

Physical custody grants one parent as the custodial parent, allowing the child to live with them on a regular basis. This role gives the parent involvement in the child’s everyday life. The parents are involved in their routine and need to make sure they are keeping up with their child’s activities. With this form of custody, parents may have more time with the child on a more consistent basis.

Who creates custody arrangements?

Custody rights can be decided by a judge or in divorce mediation by the divorcing couple. Judges consider many factors when they decide on who has what rights as a parent. For these cases, judges will put the well-being of the child first. Many factors involving the parents are also considered to make fair and just decisions. Parents’ income and lifestyle can be considered to see who should be granted what rights. During divorce mediation, parents can decide on custody arrangements during these sessions that can arrange these situations for them.

Can modifications be made to custody?

Child custody arrangements can be modified in the future depending on the effect it is having on the child. There are many situations that may contribute to a change in the custody arrangement. If a child is acting aggressively or out of the ordinary due to the custody arrangement, parents have the right to file a motion with the court if they believe it is due to the child’s time spent with their other parent. These cases can then be investigated and a judge can rule in favor of the child’s best interests. If there seems to be an issue, the custody arrangement may be changed to fulfill the health and safety of the child. If a parent is unable to follow the current arrangement, parents may try to seek out a change.

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