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Will a divorce lower my credit score in New Jersey?

Keep in mind that your credit report does not reveal whether you are married, single, or divorced, which is why changing your marital status has no effect on your credit. But, recognize that how you handle any joint accounts with your former spouse can have an effect on both your credit report and your former spouse’s.

This is because accounts are reported for each person associated with it, which means that if you are listed as a joint owner, cosigner, or authorized user, you must negotiate with that account before the divorce. That means closing the account entirely or otherwise ensuring your name or your former partner’s is completely removed from the account. So long as the account stays with both of your names on it, you are both legally responsible for it, despite what other agreements state.

How can I protect my credit during my divorce?

Going through a divorce means you are beginning a new chapter on your own, so having a strong credit history is as important as ever. Here are some ways to help protect your credit during a divorce:

  • If you are able to, it is important to keep a civil relationship during the divorce process to evade the pitfalls of a vengeful separation. Working together to pay off and close existing joint accounts is the best possible strategy to protect your credit.
  • If paying off and completing an account is not possible, try to correct the account to an individual account. Reach out to each creditor and research the options obtainable with that lender.
  • If you think an account is in your name only, double-check with the lender to ensure your spouse is not documented as an authorized user. If they are, make sure to have their name cleared.

Keep in mind that one of the most important things is to ensure that payments are made on time for any joint account so long your name is on it. Doing so will help ensure you make a clean separation without financial burdens that could torment you even after the divorce is complete. Reach out to our firm to learn more about how you can best protect your credit after a divorce.


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