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Divorce Options

With so many options for divorce available, you may quickly find yourself confused as to which one most adequately suits your needs. An experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate through this process and guide you in the right direction. Paone Zaleski & Murphy is comprised of skilled divorce attorneys who serve clients throughout New Jersey. Our attorneys have the experience and compassion you need to assist you in this trying time. When you need legal representation to protect your future, contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy to schedule a consultation.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys in Red Bank and Woodbridge, New Jersey | Exploring Your Options

Need a team of New Jersey divorce attorneys you can depend on? If so, you’re in the right place. We provide clients throughout New Jersey with the following services:

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

Divorce is a very emotional process and some divorces are more complex than others. In order for your case to be uncontested, the parties will need to address all of the issues related to their marriage and come to a resolution. These issues can include division of property, spousal support, child custody, and child support. When the parties disagree on one or more issues, their divorce will be contested. Some couples resolve their issues prior to trial but those that can’t may need to turn to litigation or what is called a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is typically a more emotional, expensive, and lengthy process. When a divorce is litigated, the couple must go through the discovery process, which is often the most expensive and time-consuming part. In discovery, each spouse and their respective attorney will collect and verify information that is necessary to complete the divorce. The divorce will go to trial where each party makes their case and tries to deconstruct their spouse’s. Ultimately, the judge who hears the case will rule accordingly, essentially deciding the fate of each spouse’s future.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Today more than ever, couples are opting for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This allows a couple to take control over their divorce and soften the impact that divorce has on their family. There are a variety of options for couples considering alternative dispute resolution, including:

  • Divorce Mediation: The couple will work with a mediator to create a Separation Agreement to resolve all outstanding issues between the parties. The mediator does not represent the parties and the parties are encouraged to have independent counsel to work with them through the mediation process.
  • Collaborative Divorce: Each spouse and their attorneys will work together with a team of experts to make decisions about their divorce. If the collaborative divorce is unsuccessful, the spouses must retain new attorneys to litigate, preserving the integrity of the process.
  • Arbitration: Usually, an attorney selected by the parties acts with the same power as a judge to decide any contested issues outside of court. Arbitration can be a binding or non-binding process. The parties can select an appellate arbitrator to review the decision of the arbitrator. While the parties must pay for the services of the arbitrator, arbitration is generally a more efficient process than going to court.

Contact an experienced divorce firm

No matter which method you choose, all couples heading towards divorce need strong legal representation to guide them towards the next phase of their lives. The attorneys at Paone Zaleski & Murphy are here to help. Since 1986, our firm has proudly served clients in all of their divorce and family law matters. We understand how important it is to have knowledgeable and compassionate legal guidance during this trying time. Our firm handles matters across New Jersey, including, but not limited to Colts Neck, Fair Haven, Holmdel, Little Silver, Middletown, Ocean Township, Rumson, and Shrewsbury from our offices in Red Bank and Woodbridge.  Let Paone Zaleski & Murphy help you navigate towards a brighter future. Contact us to schedule a consultation to assess your legal matter.

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