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Divorce is a very emotional and unnerving time for many families. Even when custody is settled, the parties may still dispute the parenting time arrangements for the child. In some cases, grandparents and third parties may have rights to parenting time or visitation with the child. It is not uncommon for parties to return to court years after the matter is settled to seek change in the parenting time or visitation schedule due to the maturation of children or other factors. If you have a case where parenting time or visitation rights as to a child is in dispute, it is important to discuss this matter with an attorney. Contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy.

Visitation Orders in New Jersey

Parenting time or child visitation disputes can occur for many reasons. In some instances, a custodial parent may refuse to allow the other parent to see the child. In some cases, grandparents and siblings may make application for visitation rights that are opposed by the custodial parent. In other cases, a noncustodial parent may seek to increase his or her parenting time with the child. When parents are unable to agree upon an appropriate parenting time or visitation schedule for a child, the court is required to determine the issue. The court takes a number of factors into consideration when determining parenting time or visitation rights. Ultimately, the court looks at the best interests of the child in crafting the appropriate parenting time or visitation schedule.

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Unfortunately, in some cases, the dispute over parenting time and visitation rights can be as complex as a contested custody case. If you are in a dispute regarding parenting time or visitation as to a child, it is important to know your rights. Contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy for guidance in this difficult legal matter.