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Paone Zaleski & Murphy has over 30 years of experience guiding families through the difficult legal matters that they face during or after a divorce. Family law matters can include a wide range of legal topics, including child support, child visitation, child custody, relocation, and protection from domestic violence. We understand that family law matters require strong and compassionate legal representation. With offices conveniently located in Red Bank and Woodbridge, our firm serves clients from Middlesex County, Monmouth County, and the whole New Jersey area. For a consultation with our firm, contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy.

Child Custody

When a couple with children gets divorced, they will have an added set of issues to confront. These are often some of the most difficult and emotional matters that an individual will ever have to face. Child custody is a life-changing decision that can put a tremendous strain on a relationship between the child and the noncustodial parent. MORE

Child Support

When parents in New Jersey split, they are still responsible for financially supporting their children until they are emancipated. Though many couples will be able to agree on child support, some have no other choice but to have a judge decide for them. Child support is usually determined based upon the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. MORE

Child Visitation

Divorce is a very emotional and unnerving time for many families. Even when custody is settled, the parties may still dispute the parenting time arrangements for the child. In some cases, grandparents and third parties may have rights to parenting time or visitation with the child. MORE


One of the most serious matters seen in family court is the relocation of a child. In some cases, a custodial parent may seek to move a child outside of the state of New Jersey. In other cases, the custodial parent may seek to relocate with the child within the state of New Jersey but far away from the original marital home. MORE

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most tragic and delicate family law matters we handle. Helping clients obtain the protection they need is of the utmost importance to our firm. Domestic abuse can take form in both physical and mental violence, which can have terrible lifelong effects on the victim. Paone Zaleski & Murphy is here to help. Our attorneys act as compassionate and strong advocates who are ready to fight for your rights. MORE

Modifications and Enforcement

When a Final Judgment or Final Order is entered which requires ongoing obligations into the future, the parties may need to return to court when change in circumstances occur. Similarly, if one party fails to comply with the ongoing obligations, there may be need to return to court to enforce an existing order or judgment. MORE

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are powerful tools to protect oneself from an uncertain future. Our firm recognizes that these documents can face legal issues after their execution. In some cases, legal action revolves around the execution of the document. Other times, the content of the prenuptial agreement calls for the need to retain legal services. MORE