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Monmouth County High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is a highly emotional and oftentimes complicated process. When the couple divorcing has a significant net worth, the division of marital assets is often more complex. It is important to have experienced legal representation that can help you handle the difficulties that come with high net worth divorce. The high net worth divorce attorneys from Paone Zaleski & Murphy have years of experience guiding high net worth clients through their divorce with success. If you require strong legal representation to help you during this difficult time, contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy today.

High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys in Red Bank and Woodbridge, NJ

Are you getting divorced and own a substantial amount of financial assets? If so, you should strongly consider speaking with our high net worth divorce attorneys as soon as you can. We are here to protect what’s yours.

How are high net worth divorces different?

Many assets are readily identifiable such as bank accounts wherein statements are routinely sent to the home or wherein interest or dividend income is reported on personal income tax returns. However, in the high asset and high net worth divorce, assets may not be so easily discernible.

When a party to a divorce action is self-employed, substantial income from that business may not always be reported. Personal expenses may be satisfied through the business. The business may be retaining earnings rather than paying the earnings out to the business owner. In short, a tax return may not disclose the totality of the income available to the party who is self-employed.

When a party to a divorce action is an executive at a large company, he or she may have an array of different forms of benefits that may not always be discernible by looking at a pay stub. For example, an executive may have stock, stock options, stock units, restricted stock units (RSU’’S), pensions, other retirement plans, forgivable loans, and may be eligible for termination benefits and signing bonuses. Sometimes the bonuses or other compensation do not vest immediately, but rather over a period of years or upon the triggering of certain events.

Contact an experienced Monmouth County High Net Worth Divorce Firm

If your case is a high net worth divorce, we have the experience you need to guide you through this complex matter. Paone Zaleski & Murphy is a team of skilled attorneys with years of experience assisting high net worth individuals through their divorce. If you need strong legal representation for your divorce matter, contact Paone Zaleski & Murphy today to schedule a consultation.

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