divorce mediation couple with mediator

In the past, couples seeking a divorce had no choice but to undergo litigation to iron out their divorce agreement. However, fortunately, couples nowadays can choose an alternative method to the traditional divorce process that allows them to avoid litigation altogether. Many couples in recent years have opted to pursue divorce mediation as it can save couples a significant amount of time and money. Divorce mediation is a process where a couple undergoes several sessions where an unbiased third party helps the couple resolve their disputed issues to reach a mutually agreed upon divorce agreement. There are several benefits to choosing divorce mediation, including the benefit of protecting your hard-earned finances. In today’s society, even under the best circumstances, divorces are extremely expensive and stressful. Divorce mediation can help alleviate some of the overwhelming stress associated with divorce as it saves couples a substantial amount of money in legal fees. Sometimes the traditional divorce route is not the most practical option for couples looking to protect their assets. If you seeking interested in this alternative divorce method, contact our experienced Monmouth County Mediation Services. In addition, please continue reading to learn how our qualified mediators can help you protect your finances throughout the divorce process. 

How can divorce mediation help me protect my finances?

By opting for divorce mediation rather than a traditional divorce, you are already protecting your finances. Couples that go down the traditional divorce route do not have power over the division of their marital assets. In a traditional divorce, the court has control over how marital property is divided between both parties. This could result in an unfair divorce settlement. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state which means marital property is divided between both parties fairly, not necessarily a 50/50 split like in community property states. This means the court may deem it reasonable for one spouse to receive a larger portion of marital assets. Couples that choose to pursue divorce mediation have full power over how their marital assets will be divided. This means they can ensure they are receiving a fair portion of their marital assets which will help their overall financial security after the divorce is settled. Ultimately, divorce mediation can effectively help couples protect their finances, as they have full control over the terms that will apply to the termination of their marriage. Essentially, this means they will be able to dictate a fair, equitable, and mutually agreed upon divorce agreement. Furthermore, divorce mediation is a significantly shorter process than traditional divorces. Traditional divorces can take over a year to settle, while divorce meditation can be finalized within a couple of months. Divorce mediation can save couples a significant amount of money in attorney and court fees.

If you want to protect your hard-earned finances, it is vital to consider divorce mediation. Our firm is committed to helping couples seeking a divorce choose the most appropriate divorce route for their specific needs. Allow our dedicated firm to help you reach a mutual divorce agreement that protects your financial security.