When a court makes a decision regarding a divorce or family law matter, the individuals involved are bound by law to abide by the decision. This is a very strict legal obligation and in the event that one or more parties neglect to follow the court order, they may face very serious consequences. Often if one party is neglecting to follow a court order, the other party becomes a victim and may want to take legal action. The party who is being negatively impacted by the failure to abide by a court order may be able to request the court’s intervention.

Requesting intervention from the court is often necessary when a former spouse is not abiding by a court-ordered requirement such as child custody arrangements, a child visitation schedule, child support payments, or spousal support payments. In order to request the court’s assistance, you may have to file a post-judgment motion to enforce. The court can handle the matter in a number of different ways but the party requesting enforcement may have to show that they have already attempted to enforce it on their own. For example, if a party fails to make child support payments, the New Jersey Child Support Agency can enforce payment by withholding income, seizing assets, denying a passport, suspending a driver’s license, and even issuing a warrant.

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