With New Jersey’s stay-at-home orders still in effect, there are many people throughout the state stuck under the same roof with a spouse they were looking to divorce. This has left them wondering what they can do and if it is still possible to go through with the proceedings during this time. For spouses whose divorce plans have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, continue reading below to learn more about what can be done to get the process moving.

Claim Your Space

If you decided to get a divorce before the Coronavirus pandemic began, the state’s stay-at-home orders may have thrown a wrench into these plans. If you have been forced into the same home with a spouse you planned to divorce, the first step towards getting what you want is to claim your own space. This can include sleeping in a spare bedroom, separating your clothes or personal belongings, etc. Establish your own “home base” in your house to allow yourself space and privacy during this time. 

It is important to acknowledge that this is a confusing time for all parties involved, especially any children. This may be a good time to explain the changing structure of your family to your children. When children see the new arrangement, you can use “kid-friendly” language that allows them to understand what is happening and the arrangements that allow you and your spouse to get along better. 

Commit to Co-Parenting

With children at home and not going to school over the last few months, this can put great stress on parents who are already going through a difficult time. It is difficult enough for a child to grasp the concept of divorce, especially during such a trying time. It is important that children receive the structure they need. Spouses who are going through a divorce have new roles to fit as co-parents of their children. It is important that you and your spouse take the time to discuss how you plan to take on this duty and spend time with your children. This can be done by creating a temporary parenting plan that designates solo parenting time for both of you to have with the children.

Stay in Contact With Your Attorney

While it can be difficult to discuss your divorce plans with your soon-to-be former spouse in earshot, it is important to keep up communication with your attorney. This can be done virtually through the phone or video conferencing. Make it a priority to set up the free time and space to have private discussions on how to get your case moving. This can be possible by simply taking a phone call in your car or yard. 

Explore Out of Court Options

When speaking with your attorney, be sure to discuss how you can expedite or streamline the process of divorce. This can be possible through out of court divorce methods, such as mediation, collaboration, or arbitration. If you and your spouse have the ability to work things out and communicate with one another, these options may be a simple way to keep your case out of the court system and resolve things quicker. 

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