When individuals in New Jersey go through a matter of divorce or family law, there are often situations in which the court will issue a Final Order that obliges one party to follow such instruction. The court will issue these orders based on the current circumstances present in each party’s life using the facts they are presented with. Of course, circumstances change with time and the court cannot predict these changes months or years in advance. As a result, the individuals obligated to follow the court order may want to modify it in some way down the road but may be unsure of how to do so.

Some court orders that are typically subject to modification include child visitation, spousal support, child support, or child custody. If an individual wishes to request a modification to a court order, they may have to prove that there was a significant change in circumstances that requires such a modification. Some changes in circumstance that may be considered valid in the eyes of the court include:

  • that the party paying support has suffered a loss of employment or a decrease in income
  • that the parent with custody of the child is suffering a serious medical condition
  • that one parent wants to move away, which requires a change in custody or visitation schedules

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