Cassie Murphy, Esq., will be speaking at the New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting and Convention to be held at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. Ms. Murphy will be a panelist at the Death and Divorce seminar. During this seminar, Ms. Murphy and fellow panelists will address the very difficult circumstances surrounding a death during a divorce. The speakers will examine the conflict between the elective share and equitable distribution, and the pending legislation to fix the black hole. They will also delve into the definition of “psychological parent,” and discuss how to address a change in custody when the custodial parent dies. They will also discuss financial issues, such as what happens if the former spouse does not have the life insurance required per the Marital Settlement Agreement upon their death and what to do if marital assets were not transferred prior to the death of one spouse. Finally, they will discuss language to put into a Marital Settlement Agreement to protect clients post-judgment in case of the death of a former spouse.