When parents in New Jersey realize their marriage isn’t working anymore, they may start thinking about divorce. One of the most significant factors in a divorce that involves children is the matter of child custody. Parents who get divorced are often concerned about the impacts that the divorce will have on their children. In addition, many parents have a difficult time even entertaining the thought that they may no longer see their child every day, even though it is about to become the unfortunate reality of the situation. A lot of times, parents can’t come to a decision on custody by themselves and need the judge to make a custody determination on their behalf.

Some of the factors that the judge will take into consideration when making a child custody decision include the following:

  • The relationship between the child and each of his or her parents
  • The needs of the child
  • The preference of the child, in some cases
  • Whether each parent can provide a stable home life
  • Each parent’s history of substance abuse, domestic violence, or other criminal behavior
  • The age and health of the parents
  • The ability of each parent to act in the best interests of the child

The court is always going to make this decision based on what they believe is in the best interests of the child. If you have questions about child custody in New Jersey, contact our firm today.

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