Couples considering divorce in New Jersey have a lot to think about. Once the decision to file for divorce is made, the couple will have to determine exactly how they wish to go about their divorce process. One of the increasingly popular ways for a couple to get divorced is through mediation. The reason that this form of divorce is gaining so much traction is that it provides so many benefits to the couple as they begin this next chapter of their lives.

Some of the benefits that the couple can appreciate when they choose a mediated divorce include the following:

  • The couple is able to remain out of the courtroom and can conduct proceedings in a more peaceful setting, like a conference room
  • Since the divorce does not take place in front of a judge or in a courtroom, the couple is able to make decisions for themselves with the help of a neutral mediator that can guide them through contested matters
  • Another benefit of mediated divorces that can be credited to staying out of the courtroom is that the divorce will often take significantly less time. On average, couples go through 3 or 4 mediation sessions before coming to a resolution but they can really take as long as they would like.
  • A quicker divorce also means a less expensive divorce in many situations.

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