As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s lives have changed in previously unimaginable ways. A prominent issue that has been seen over the last few months is that of families of divorce struggling to figure out their parenting time while maintaining what is best and safe for their children. As the Coronavirus has altered everyone’s outlook on this year, parents are left wondering how their parenting time arrangements will change as well. When parents miss out on their parenting time, it is important to know there are ways they can be restored. Continue reading below to learn how this can be done.

Ask Your Ex For Additional Time

With a situation so important, sometimes the simplest of answers can be overlooked. In many custody situations, parents who lose out on time with their children can typically just ask the other parent if they can see more of them. If you lost out on time during the COVID-19 stay at home orders, you may want to ask the co-parent for an additional weekend or extra nights with your children during the upcoming months. You may be surprised at how welcoming they are to the idea. While this is true, it is important to be respectful in doing so and be prepared to negotiate with them. 

Work Out Mutual Social Distancing Parenting Time

Reassuring a co-parent can also help them become more flexible with parenting time. This can be done by offering up the idea of a “social distancing” contract. Simply put, this can be a document in which you both agree to follow CDC and local health guidelines while spending time with the child. This can include wearing a mask when appropriate and following the right hygiene practices. With a contract such as this, both you and your child’s other parent can have peace of mind knowing that you agree regarding what is best to keep your child safe.

Have More Virtual Time

A silver lining that has been present throughout the pandemic is the availability of technology to keep people together. Many people and families have turned to virtual opportunities to connect with one another while they are unable to physically be together. You and your child can video chat, play online games together, watch movies together, etc. While it is not a substitute for physically being with your child, it is a helpful alternative during these times.

Modify a Parenting Time Plan

If you and the other co-parent are able to work out an agreement regarding changes in your parenting time agreement, it is important to see these changes in writing. Once this is done, you can have your attorney review the document before signing it. It is important that this is done even if it is a small change. 

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