When people enter into a marriage, they are excited for the years to come with their spouse. Rarely do they think about the hard times they may face. However, over the years, people can change. Families can become influenced by outside sources, such as the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Once these factors are involved it can lead to violence. When violence is involved in the happenings of family life, it is called domestic abuse. This form of abuse takes place within the family structure and can be hard to overcome. If you or a loved one has been a victim of domestic violence, you should seek legal help to see what actions you can take to better protect yourself.

Incidents involving domestic abuse may lead individuals to file a restraining order. These can help provide the safety you need from a family member. The state of New Jersey takes these matters very seriously and wants to see that you are protected.

How can a restraining order help me?

People who are charged with domestic violence can be faced with serious consequences. A temporary restraining order can keep you safe by enforcing that the accused person may not come within a certain distance of you. Failure to follow a restraining order may result in that person’s arrest.

Restraining orders can be requested for a variety of reasons. These include harassment, assault, terroristic threats, stalking, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, sexual assault, criminal restraint and false imprisonment. When a temporary restraining order is filed, the court system takes it very seriously. They will hear the case within 10 days. Due to the quick pace, it is important that you retain the help of an attorney right away. They can help best prepare you and guide you through the process.

When someone is accused of domestic violence, they may face even more consequences than just a restraining order. There is the possibility that they are evicted from their residence. Also, they may face fines due to the assessment of money damages and counsel fees. Child support, child custody and the use of marital assets may also be addressed during cases involving domestic violence. A domestic violence charge has the ability to alter the abuser’s life greatly.

Victims of domestic violence should not be ashamed. Make sure to get the help you need by seeking legal resources and medical attention if needed. At our firm, we want to guide you through the process and make you feel safe. Contact us to get us on your side and see what we can do to provide assistance.

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