When parents in New Jersey split up, one parent will often be required to pay child support. Typically, the noncustodial parent is the one who makes child support payments to the custodial parent. A question that the noncustodial parent often has is in regards to how long they are legally obligated to make child support payments.

Child support is required until the child is considered emancipated according to the state of New Jersey. Last year, New Jersey changed the law regarding the termination of child support. The change made it so parents are required to make child support payments until the child is 19 years old. However, if the child is still in high school, is attending full-time college or graduate school, or is disabled, the parent may be obligated to make child support payments until the child’s 23rd birthday.

Parents with children getting close to the age of child support obligation termination receive a letter from the state informing them of their official termination date. It is also important to note that if a parent who is obligated to make support payments has missed one or more payments, they are still obligated to pay off the child support, even after termination. The most important thing is for the parent to make all payments they are legally obligated to make until they receive an official notice of termination.

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