When a couple decides to get divorced, they will need to make a decision on how exactly they will do so. There are many different variations of divorce that a couple can choose from once they determine which will be most beneficial for their situation. Some couples can’t agree on anything and have no desire to communicate so they may think it is best to have a judge decide on everything in litigation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have divorce through mediation. This option is beneficial for couples that are willing to work together towards an amicable divorce and have strong communication skills each step of the way.

A mediated divorce allows the couple to stay out of the courtroom and work through any contested issues in a more relaxed setting, often with a team comprised of the attorney for either side and an experienced mediator. There are many different reasons that divorcing couples choose mediation. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • The couple can stay out of the courtroom
  • The couple has the power to make decisions for themselves, as opposed to having a judge determine the fate of their future
  • Mediation often takes less time than other divorces do
  • Mediation is also often less expensive

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