Recently, the Supreme Court decided Maeker v. Ross, a landmark decision making clear that the new statute which requires that palimony agreements be in writing, is not to be enforced retroactively. The decision means that unmarried individuals involved in long term relationships prior to the passage of the new law in 2010, can seek palimony based on a oral (non-written) promise for support. Mr. Paone as President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, co-wrote the amicus brief which advocated the position adopted by the Supreme Court. “It is simply unfair to change the law for couples who have lived together for many years, in some cases decades, before the new law was adopted. Giving the new statute prospective application puts everyone on notice that if you intend to live together now without the benefit of marriage, you must put your agreement in writing and have it reviewed by an attorney, if you want it enforced later on.”