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Married couples may get divorced for several reasons. Couples may face certain obstacles they cannot overcome which ultimately lead to the dissolution of their marriage. If you are seeking a divorce, contact one of our trusted and determined Monmouth County Divorce Attorneys who can help you through this complex legal process.

What could cause couples to seek divorce?

Sometimes couples face obstacles they cannot overcome. Ultimately, this leads to the dissolution of their marriage. Some of the most common reasons couples get divorced include:

  • Financial disagreements. One of the most common reasons couples get divorced is due to financial problems. Couples may have debt, disagree on financial decisions, neglect to consult financial investments with their spouse, or do not share the same financial goals. Typically, th above will all cause a couple to seek a divorce.
  • Adultery (extramarital affairs). Another common reason couples get divorced is infidelity. When one party is intimate with someone outside of the marriage, they are breaking their marriage vows. Typically, this causes one party to seek a divorce from their spouse.
  • Lack of commitment. Marriages can end in divorce when one partner is not committed to the marriage. This means they do not many any efforts to improve it.
  • Lack of intimacy. When a couple is not intimate with each other, one party may seek that intimacy outside of the marriage. It is important for couples to be intimate.
  • Lack of communication. Sometimes couples sweep things under the rug. They shove down their emotions to keep the peace. However, this is not healthy. A lack of communication could cause a couple to feel animosity towards their partner. Additionally, a couple may incessantly¬† argue, the marriage can become quite toxic. This hostility can lead to a divorce.
  • Addiction (substance abuse, gambling). Another common reason couples get divorced is addiction. Unfortunately, addiction can cause a person to completely change. It is possible for one partner’s addiction to negatively impact the well-being of their partner, which ultimately leads to divorce.
  • Domestic abuse. Unfortunately, another common reason couples get divorced is domestic violence. One partner might take their frustration out by physically or verbally abusing their partner.
  • Opposing values and morals. When a couple does not share the same value or morals it could cause conflict. Individuals may practice different religions, may have different nationalities and races, as well as have different political views. If the couples has children, they may want to raise their children with different values and morals which could lead to conflict.
  • Getting married too young. When a couple gets married too young, it could cause them to seek a divorce later on. Life is always changing. With that being said, as individuals get older their interests may change. Individuals may not be mature enough to handle the responsibilities of marriage. This could cause a couple to seek a divorce.

If the dissolution of your marriage is unavoidable, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our dedicated attorneys. Whatever the reason may be, our team can help you divorce your spouse. We are ready to help you today.