Unfortunately, divorce is a common occurrence. Research has shown that couples often dissolve their marriage as a result of a lack of commitment, too much conflict and arguing, infidelity, marrying too young, unrealistic expectations, simply growing apart, etc. Regardless of the reason for the demise of the union, divorce is an extremely difficult process to undergo. While some couples can go through this legal process without significant issues, many intentionally act poorly to prolong the process. If a divorce is imminent, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of our competent Monmouth County Divorce & Separation Attorneys, who can guide you through this intricate process. Follow along to discover the most common divorce mistakes people tend to make and how to avoid them.

What are some of the top divorce mistakes couples make in New Jersey?

When one spouse is blindsided or feels betrayed, they may drag out the divorce process out of spite. While they may believe they’re getting revenge on their spouse, they are only making the entire process much longer and expensive than it needs to be. Although you feel hurt and angry, do not make the mistake of dragging out the process. It’s crucial to separate your feelings from your behavior to ensure you do not let your emotions cloud your judgment. In addition to dragging out the process, many individuals make the mistake of refusing to negotiate. This will only contribute to making litigation all the more costly and time-consuming. Regardless of how contentious the divorce may be, it’s imperative to remember that negotiation is an option that can save you a substantial amount of time and money.

If a couple is willing to work together and compromise to reach a mutual agreement on the terms that will apply to the termination of their marriage, they can often avoid litigation. When one party refuses to cooperate or negotiate, the process becomes much more difficult. Therefore, both parties should try to settle outside of court. If they cannot do so, the judge will decide their fate, meaning they may face unfavorable divorce terms.

Should I involve my children?

Unfortunately, divorce affects children just as much, if not more, than it affects adults undergoing the process. Many couples make the mistake of involving their children and using them as pawns. However, it’s vital to put your children’s needs first. Do not vent to your children or speak negatively about your ex in front of them, as they may feel obligated to pick a side. Putting your child in the middle can negatively impact their emotional health and even lead to them resenting you and your spouse, causing permanent damage to your relationship with your child. Therefore, you should not make the mistake of involving your kids in your divorce.

If you and your spouse are heading for divorce, please don’t hesitate to retain the services of a qualified attorney from the legal team at Paone Zaleski & Murphy, who can fight for you every step of the way.