Parents who share custody may face a few different issues regarding parenting time. Continue reading to learn the two most common issues that arise between parents who share custody, plus, the plans of action that parents can take to attempt resolution. If you have any additional questions regarding parenting time or child custody arrangements, give our experienced family law attorney a call. We would be happy to assist you with any of your family law matters, no matter the circumstances.

What to Know About the Two Most Common Parenting Time Issues

  • One parent does not show up for their parenting time: When parents share custody, one of the most common issues between parents regarding parenting time is when one parent does not show up for their parenting time. This can cause the other parent to face complications and force them to make last-minute childcare arrangements. When backup childcare is not accessible, they may have to miss work or cancel plans. The parent who is unable to rely on their former spouse to show up for parenting time should document these cancellations and no-shows each time the parent fails to show up for their parenting time. When enough evidence is collected, they should then go to court to ask for a modification of their custody order. This modification should reflect the infrequency of visitation.
  • One parent denies the other access to their child: The second most common issue between parents who share custody is when one parent tries to keep the other from spending time with their child, even when a custody arrangement is in order. One parent may cancel scheduled visitation time. They may even use their child as an excuse to cancel these visits, stating that their child does not want to see the other parent. When these circumstances arise, it is important for the other parent to document each incident. With this evidence, they should then go to court to ask for enforcement of their parenting time arrangement.

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