Many couples who are considering divorce have no idea how the process works. It is important for them to take a few minutes and familiarize themselves with what is required to get a divorce in New Jersey. The process of divorce is outlined as follows:

  1. One spouse must file the Complaint for Divorce. In the Complaint, they must state grounds for divorce. They are able to cite irreconcilable differences and obtain a no-fault divorce or cite one of the following fault grounds:
    • Adultery
    • Addiction
    • Desertion
    • Extreme cruelty
    • Incarceration
    • Deviant sexual conduct
    • Institutionalization for a mental illness
  2. The judge will partake in a Case Management Conference to assess contested matters and determine whether alternative dispute resolution may be viable.
  3. If the parties still have contested issues, they may attend an Early Settlement Panel that makes recommendations about these matters.
  4. After all alternative dispute resolution methods have failed, the court may litigate outstanding matters on behalf of the couple.
  5. The court will have to execute the Final Judgment of Divorce. This takes place regardless of whether the couple was able to reach a settlement or had to have the court litigate outstanding contested issues. In the event of litigation, the parties are entitled to an appeal if they feel it is necessary.

If you are considering divorce, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney.

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