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It can be difficult for a stay-at-home parent who is facing divorce to retain custody based on financials alone. When a divorce begins for a stay-at-home parent, they may also face financial distress if they have not had work outside of the home.

If you are a stay-at-home parent who is looking to retain custody, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. To learn what not to do when fighting for custody, continue reading and reach out to our Monmouth County child custody attorneys.

Remaining Unemployed

The first mistake that many stay-at-home parents may make is to remain unemployed as they fight for custody. Consider getting a new job outside of the home as the first step in your battle for custody. Remaining unemployed may show the court that you are unprepared to take on the financial responsibilities that come with caring for your child. Remaining jobless may also give your former spouse a case. They may argue that you will be relying purely on child support to support you and your child, which is why you are not fit to parent at this time. Bringing income into your home will show the court that you are serious about caring for your child.

Introducing Your New Partner Into the Family Home

If you have begun a new relationship since you and your former spouse split, it is best to keep them out of the family home while you are going through a divorce and custody battle. It is especially important to be cautious about introducing your new partner to your child. You do not want the court or your child to feel that you are attempting to replace your child’s other parent. The court may view this as confusing and not in your child’s best interest, especially if your child is young.

Refusing Visitation

Many spouses who are going through a divorce may fear that their former spouse may not return their child to them after their visitation time is over. This may lead the parent to withhold visitation. Though this fear is valid, withholding visitation can severely impact your ability to retain custody. It is best to consult with a family law attorney if you fear that your child will not be returned to you. You may also want to file an action for custody and child support.

Neglecting to Hire an Attorney

Many parents can benefit from retaining the services of an attorney who has experience with family law matters and child custody. It is best to face your divorce with the assistance of an attorney who is willing to fight for the best interest of your child. Give our Monmouth County family law attorneys a call today to get started.


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