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It is in a child’s best interest to spend equitable time with each parent. This means, divorced couples must prioritize that when planning their child custody holiday visitation schedule. A child needs to spend a fair amount of time with each parent during the holidays. If you need help creating a visitation schedule that reflects important holidays, contact one of our qualified Monmouth County Child Visitation Attorneys who can help ensure your child spends a reasonable amount of holiday time with each parent. 

How can divorced couples plan their child custody visitation schedule during the holidays?

Divorced couples need to create a plan for visitation during the holidays. Creating a set plan can help minimize conflict and hostility between divorced couples. Mutually agreeing on a set plan can help divorced couples put their child first. It is also beneficial to include holidays such as birthdays and school breaks. Divorced couples may share holidays in different ways including:

  • Alternate. An extremely common and beneficial way divorced couples can divide and share holidays with their child is alternating every other year (adjusting for even and odd-numbered years). This arrangement allows each parent to spend quality holiday time with their child.
  • Split. Another common way divorced couples plan their visitation schedule for the holidays is by spilling the holidays in half. This means the day would be split into two halves where each parent gets to see their child on the holiday. This can be a good way to share holiday time, however, if a divorced couple does not live near each other, this may not be the best option. Parents don’t want their children traveling for a long period on a holiday. However, if parents do live nearby, this option could work.
  • Schedule. Furthermore, divorced couples may choose to schedule a holiday twice. This arrangement would allow each parent to spend full days with their child. In this case, one parent would spend holiday time with their child a few days before or after the actual holiday, while the other parent spent holiday time on the actual date of the holiday. For instance, one parent could celebrate Thanksgiving on the 22nd, while the other celebrates Thanksgiving on the 24th.
  • Fixed. Additionally, divorced couples may assign fixed holidays. This arrangement means each parent would celebrate the same holiday with their child every year. This arrangement can be particularly helpful for parents that cherish a certain holiday. This also allows their child to spend equitable holiday time with each parent.
  • Combination. Nevertheless, divorced couples can plan their visitation schedules for the holidays any way they’d like. However, the plan must reflect and prioritize the child’s best interest. This may mean combining two methods of sharing holiday time.

Children should be able to spend time with both of their parents during the holidays. If you need help with your child custody visitation agreement, don’t hesitate to contact one of our trusted and knowledgeable team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients reach favorable outcomes.