divorce mediation

In today’s society, divorcing couples have shifted from the traditional divorce route to an alternative option. In recent years, divorce mediation has become more popular. In divorce mediation, an unbiased mediator will help couples reach a mutual agreement on the conditions that will apply to the termination of their marriage. Divorce mediation allows couples to avoid litigation as well as save a significant amount of money and time. However, divorcing couples are hesitant to choose this divorce route as there are several myths about the process. If you are seeking a divorce, contact our trusted Monmouth County Mediation Services. Our firm is committed to helping couples choose the right divorce path for their situation. We can clear up any misconceptions you have about divorce mediation services. 

What myths discourage couples from choosing divorce mediation?

Myth #1

Despite the myths, divorce mediation is legally binding. Couples are hesitant to choose divorce mediation because they believe once it is completed they will still have to go through litigation. However, that is not the case. Once divorce mediation is completed, meaning both parties have mutually agreed on a reasonable divorce agreement, they will each have to sign a contractual agreement that legally binds them to comply with the conditions they’ve established. Nevertheless, if one party does not comply with the conditions of the divorce agreement, they will have to dispute the violation in court. If both parties adhere to the terms they’ve outlined in their divorce agreement, they will not need to go through litigation.

Myth #2

There is a misconception that in divorce mediation, the divorcing couple does not have control over what a reasonable agreement is. It is believed that a  mediator makes all the final decisions regarding the terms that will apply to the termination of the marriage. However, this is a myth. A mediator does not make decisions, they simply mediate the situation. A mediator is impartial as they offer couples various alternative solutions to resolve their disputed issues. A mediator’s job is to help couples make compromises to reach a reasonable divorce agreement. Both parties have full control over their divorce agreement.

Myth #3 

Another common misconception about divorce mediation is that only couples with simple cases can benefit from the process. However, that is false. Divorce mediation can be beneficial for any couple that is open to the process. Divorce mediation can only be beneficial if couples are willing to make various compromises to establish a fair divorce agreement. Divorce mediation can work for all different types of divorces including high net worth. It doesn’t matter how complex the circumstances of the divorce are. If couples are open and willing to take the necessary steps in the process, they can benefit from divorce mediation.

Myth #4 

Additionally, divorcing couples are worried they won’t understand how the process works. However, divorcing couples need not worry as a mediator will guide them through the facets of the process. Mediators will ensure both parties understand each step and will answer any questions couples have. Before mediation begins, a mediator will ensure couples have all the information they need to proceed with the process.

If you are seeking a divorce, reach out to one of our determined and skilled team members who can help you resolve any disputed issues with divorce mediation. Our firm is committed to helping our clients reach a mutual agreement on the conditions that will apply to the dissolution of their marriage.