You may be seeking information regarding child visitation in New Jersey if your former spouse has been granted sole custody. Continue reading to learn more about sole custody, how New Jersey courts decide on visitation terms, and the different types of visitation. Reach out to our experienced family law attorney to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.

What is sole custody?

Sole custody is awarded to the parent who will have both legal and residential custody of their child. Sole custody is typically granted when one parent is believed to be unfit to parent by the court. The court will commonly grant sole custody to the other parent in these situations. If your spouse was granted sole custody, you may still apply for scheduled visits as long as you can prove that you will provide a consistent and positive relationship with your child.

How will New Jersey courts decide on child visitation terms?

The court will consider the following factors and more when determining child visitation terms:

  • The applicant’s history with the child
  • The applicant’s good faith
  • If the applicant poses and sort of a risk to the child
  • The relationship between the guardian or parent and the applicant
  • The bond shared between the child and the applicant
  • The impact of these rights on the relationship between the child and their parent or guardian
  • The time that has passed since the last contact with the child and the reason behind this time

What are the different types of visitation?

There are a few potential outcomes when a parent applies for visitation terms. The first outcome is that the parent is denied visitation rights due to the fact that the court believes it is not in the child’s best interest to spend time with the parent. The second outcome is that the court grants supervised visitation. This can be seen when a parent has a questionable past and the court requires supervision when visitation takes place. The final outcome is that the court grants the parent unsupervised visitation. This is done when the parent can prove that they are capable of providing the child with a safe and healthy environment.

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