It can be a frightening and difficult time in a person’s life to go through a divorce. For many couples, the decision to split was a long time coming. It is because of this that it is usually rare for a couple to file for divorce spontaneously. Instead, it typically comes after a long period of thought and consideration. When making this decision, spouses weigh their options, the pros and the cons. These factors can sometimes determine the time of year that a couple decides to file. A new study shows that many couples tend to get divorced in either the months of March or August. There are several reasons as to why this trend exists.

What Causes the Spike?

Unhappy couples generally schedule their divorce filings around the winter season and summer vacations. Divorce filings drop significantly lower around winter holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This is usually the case because people do not want to ruin the holiday season, especially if they have children. It is because of this that the filings tend to spike in the month of March, after the holidays are over.

As for the August spikes, families usually go on vacation during the summer months. This is why divorces do not usually occur during this time, but at the end of the summer once vacations are over. Couples sometimes file for divorce due to irreconcilable differences right after a trip. This may be a result of two things: the couple did not want to ruin a family getaway with divorce, or the stress of vacationing together drove an already unhappy spouse to finally file for divorce.

The Divorce Process in NJ

To begin the process of divorce, a spouse must file with the Superior Court. After this is done, pendente lite orders can be requested to address certain marital issues. This can include child custody or child support. The court can then conduct what is known as “discovery.” During this time, the financial information of both spouses is gathered. 

There are different methods of divorce that a couple may choose to complete the process. This is dependent upon their situation. This can include litigation, mediation, arbitration, or a collaborative divorce. While these processes exist differently from one another, they all have the same goal of establishing a plan for the couple’s marital issues in order to finalize the divorce. 

In the event that spouses cannot reach an agreement about their marital issues, they can attend trial through litigation to reach a settlement. This allows a  judge the right to make these decisions for the couple. Once these decisions are made, the divorce can be finalized with a Final Judgement of Divorce.

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