The most important job of a parent is to make sure their child has a happy, healthy, and safe upbringing. When parents are divorced, this can be more difficult to manage. It is because of this that parenting plans exist to outline how both parents wish to raise their child together, but separately. In recent weeks, the Coronavirus has impacted everyday life for many people, leading to self-quarantines in homes and some hospital stays. It is for these reasons that a parenting plan is important to have so that your family is prepared for the weeks and months ahead during this uncertain time. Most cases can be settled quickly if parents are able to communicate openly with one another, while others may require the help of a mediator or judge. Continue reading to learn about the steps you can take to make a temporary parenting plan for the Coronavirus lockdown:

  • While no one wants to think about catching this virus or pass it on to their children, it is important to plan for the worst regardless. This is because, in the event that it does happen, a plan should be in place regarding where the child will stay and where the parent would be quarantined.
  • Choose places where your child is allowed and is not allowed to go to, based on infected areas.
  • Stay educated on the symptoms of the Coronavirus so you can take the necessary precautions and know what to do if someone begins to experience signs. This can include a runny nose, dry cough, fever, or pneumonia. 
  • Hire a mediator who can assist you and your former spouse in reaching agreements regarding temporary terms of child custody. Mediators are unbiased third-parties who work towards finding an outcome that both parties can live with and is in the best interest of the child. 

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