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There are a number of different reasons why couples choose divorce mediation over litigation. To learn more, reach out to our skilled Monmouth County mediation lawyers today. Our legal team is on your side.

What is divorce mediation?

Contrary to the litigation process, divorce mediation is conducted confidentially behind closed doors, rather than in a congested courtroom. Typically, mediation is performed with the help of a mediator which serves as a neutral third party. The mediator helps parties communicate in order to reach an agreement. However, keep in mind that the mediator does not help either side or come up with a resolution. Rather, the neutral party acts as a moderator. He or she helps parties resolve their marital issues.

How does the mediation process work?

The mediation process does not concern a judge or decision-maker. Rather, each party, on their own, will arrive at an agreement that is beneficial to all involved parties. Also, no one “loses” in this situation. Both participants will work to reach creative resolutions, which address everyone’s needs. Additionally, because parties will be forced to communicate to work through these issues together, it will also help in the future when inevitable disputes arise.

Why should you choose mediation over litigation?

Because mediation is a flexible way to go through a divorce, it is often the most favored type of dispute resolution. In many divorce law disputes, there is a lot that goes into the ideal court date. But, mediation is flexible and can be completed in the evenings or even on the weekends. Court appearances do not need to be months apart. Rather, participants can meet multiple times a month. Because there is plenty of flexibility in planning the process, it is more effortless for parties to come together and reach a decision. While a resolution may be found in just a few months via mediation, many family law disputes take over a year to resolve in court.

Another reason why mediation is a favorable process is that it is much less expensive. By avoiding litigation, you will cut out many of the administrative costs associated with appearing before a judge and court personnel. It is also essential to recognize that the parties have more of a say in this process as well. An agreement or “ruling” is reached by those directly affected in the dispute. While in a court appearance, it can be harder to go in-depth on important issues. Do not wait to reach out to one of our skilled Monmouth County divorce & separation attorneys today.


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