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Divorces bring out the ugly side of people as a lot of critical life choices are at stake including the division of assets and child custody. Divorcing couples may find it challenging to make compromises when it comes to disputed issues. However, mediation can be a beneficial method that can help couples resolve pertinent issues and shorten the divorce process. When a divorcing couple chooses mediation, an impartial divorce mediator will step in and work with the couple to create an equitable divorce agreement. If you need help ironing out any issues regarding your divorce, contact Monmouth County Mediation Services. We are committed to helping our clients minimize hostility and reach favorable results.

Should I consider hiring a divorce mediator?

Divorce mediation can successfully assist divorcing couples reach a mutual agreement on the terms that will apply to the termination of their marriage. A divorce mediator is an unbiased third party that helps a couple reach a compromise. When a couple is facing a contested divorce, there is a lot at risk. Spouses feel they won’t be able to reach a fair agreement because they have no say in the final outcome. However, a mediator can listen to both parties’ opinions and help them create the terms of the divorce agreement. When a spouse feels they have power in the divorce agreement, the overall hostility that comes with a divorce is significantly reduced. This is because both parties believe they got what they wanted and weren’t cheated out of anything. If a couple chooses a traditional divorce they could be in litigation for a year or more and be financially burdened with expensive legal fees. However, hiring a divorce mediator can help a couple save time and money. Typically, mediation is a shorter and cheaper option for divorcing couples. Ultimately, hiring a divorce mediator can greatly benefit divorcing couples.

When is mediation the wrong option?

Mediation can be a beneficial option for divorcing couples, however, it may not work for everyone. Mediation may not be the most suitable option if the grounds for divorce are domestic violence or an imbalance of power. When an individual has been domestically abused, there is no room for mediation as individuals typically are issued temporary protection orders. Mediation may also not be the right option if one spouse has more power over the other. When a mediator tries to help a couple make compromises or reach an equitable agreement, one spouse may bully the other into complying with the terms they want. This puts one spouse at a disadvantage and may cause the divorce agreement terms to be unfair. Additionally, mediation may not be the best option if one spouse contests the divorce. One spouse may oppose the divorce, making a mediator’s job difficult as they are unwilling to commit to the process. They may act in bad faith and disagree with everything their spouse has to say to prolong the process. Mediation can be a great alternative to avoid litigation, however, it may not be the right option for every couple seeking a divorce.

Divorcing couples should contact our exceptional Monmouth County mediation services. We are committed to helping our clients reach a collaborative agreement on the terms that will apply to the termination of the marriage. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients resolve pertinent issues and create an equitable divorce agreement.