Divorce is often a heated legal matter between two spouses who no longer wish to stay married. However, there are several actions you and your spouse can take to help minimize conflict and make the process move along as smoothly as possible. Please continue reading and speak with our New Jersey divorce lawyers to learn more.

Tips for Having a Low-Conflict Divorce

Though it often isn’t easy, as divorces generally stem from couples having significant differences, the truth is, putting in the effort to have a low-conflict divorce can go a long way. Below are some tips on how to help ensure your divorce is as low-conflict as possible.

  • Accept the situation: The bottom line is that you are not going to change your spouse, no matter how hard you try, which is why if you can, it is best to simply accept your spouse the way he or she is and avoid such arguments. Essentially, a key component of having a civil divorce is accepting your differences, moving on, and working pragmatically with one another.
  • Keep your emotions in check: Divorce is an inherently emotional process, on many levels. However, when you let your emotions get in the way, it can become far more complicated. In many cases, seeking therapy or speaking with a trusted friend can help get out any frustration or other emotions, allowing you to think pragmatically and logically when it comes time to get down to business.
  • Work on communication: As you may know, many people get divorced precisely because of a lack of communication between spouses. However, if you can communicate openly and honestly with one another at this time, it may make the divorce process move along far smoother.
  • Consider compromising: Of course, everyone wants the outcome of their divorce to work in their best interests. However, keep in mind that both you and your spouse have wants and needs, and for a civil divorce to occur, you both have to be open to compromise.
  • Consider mediation over litigation: If you cannot currently agree on the terms of your divorce, you should strongly consider mediation over litigation. Mediation is conducted outside of the courtroom setting with an unbiased third-party mediator who will work to facilitate productive, civil conversation between you and your spouse in an effort to reach a compromise that works for you both. In many cases, mediation is less costly, less time-consuming, and less frustrating than litigation.

As previously stated, we understand that it is not always possible to have a low-conflict divorce, especially if your former spouse is not willing to cooperate. Regardless of your situation, our New Jersey divorce attorneys are here to assist you in any way we can.


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