If you are the mother or father of a child, though you and the child’s other parent are no longer together, you are most likely wondering whether you will be required to pay child support. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced New Jersey family law attorneys to learn more about how support works in New Jersey and how our firm can assist you. Here are some of the questions you may have regarding the legal process ahead:

What factors determine whether someone has to pay child support?

Various factors will come into play when determining whether one parent will have to pay child support, though whether you were married is certainly not one of them. The bottom line is that New Jersey courts will consider your child’s well-being above all else, and if they determine that your child requires financial support, they will order you to pay support regardless of whether you were married to the child’s other parent. Some of the additional factors they will consider are as follows:

  • Both parents’ salaries
  • Both parents’ age and health
  • Whether the child has special needs
  • Whether the child plans on attending college or higher education
  • The child custody agreement in place
  • Any other factor the court deems relevant

When does child support end in New Jersey?

In most cases, child support will end when the child reaches the age of emancipation, which is generally 18. However, there are certain circumstances that may warrant either the extension of child support or the early termination of support. For example, if your child has special needs or plans on attending college, there is a very good chance that the financially dependent parent may request an extension on support payments to help ensure that the child can retain his or her standard of living. That being said, if the child reaches emancipation age, joins the military, gets a career, gets married, or more, the supporting parent may request early termination of child support. The circumstances of your individual situation will largely affect whether you can request early termination or the extension of support, and if you currently find yourself in this situation, or you have any other questions, you mustn’t hesitate to speak with our knowledgeable New Jersey family law attorneys today. We are here to help in any way we can.


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